Top 4 Board Games to Learn English While Having Fun

If it is about education, board games need to be a necessary part of your kids’ regime. Read on to learn about 4 games which will help your child improve their English learning.

Do you think board games are just for fun?

You may not be aware that board games can be very educational, especially for children. The games below are great for teaching children English in a fun and engaging way.


Scrabble is a great game. As far as playing Scrabble is concerned, it is quite simple. You have to arrange the letters into words on a playing board. These letters earn you some points. There are some special tiles on the board which gives you an opportunity to grab some extra points. While the goal of the game is to beat your opponents by writing the best words, you need to think and put the words in the best place on the board. This is a perfect game for establishing strong vocabulary and building English comprehension.

Apples to Apples

Basically, to play Apples to Apples, every player except one “Leader (judge)” puts a card down, i.e. face-down that is best described by a special card on the table. Now it is the judge who turns the cards over and chooses the best card. After this, whoever has placed that card down wins a point. For the next turn, someone else gets to be the judge.

Being a very fun game, it is loved by people of all age groups. It features the card combinations which at times turn to be ridiculous. For instance ,if you get a card like “Loveable” that end up with results like “Butterflies” or “My Bathroom”, you'll end up with some laughs.

Beyond this, it is a great game for learning new words and thinking about how words fit together. It is very focused on vocabulary and can help strengthen it.


This is another interesting game to boost word learning. The card in Taboo will show you one main word and below the main word you will find a list of words which appear same to the main word. These can be either synonyms or simply the words which are closely associated with the main word. All you have to do is describe the main word to someone that to without using any of the words underneath it. It's a crowd pleaser!


If you want a game which makes you think outside the box and boosts your creativity, this one is for you. You are given categories such as “color” or “things that are cold” and you need to think of words which fit into those categories. And before every round, a die is rolled over to choose a letter. When the timer starts, everyone has to rack their brains to bring out something more creative than the others to find a word that begins with that letter and fit the categories. More points are given for writing things that no one else wrote.

This game is great for adults, but can also be good for kids too!

So studying English doesn’t have to be all about reading some books and novels. It can be a social and fun activity too.